Steering & Suspension Restoration Begins

So as I still have some issues with steering now and then, and still have some squeaks from the suspension, I made the decision to completely restore the suspension, the front end first, including the steering components, and then I will do the back end when I get round to it.

Although the car has only done around 60,000 miles, it is obviously an old car so has had plenty of time to rust away and the rubber has had time to perish, so I thought this would really be a good thing to do.

When restoring it all, I will be replacing the majority of the moving parts that look like they really require replacing, such as the Drag Link, Front Shocks, Drop Links, Ball Joints, Bushes, Arms, Steering Damper etc. I will have a close look as I go and replace what is needed. i will only be using OEM parts, either genuine Mercedes-Benz or Bilstein, as I believe you get what you pay for. Buy German quality and it will last.

On top of this, I will be working hard to wire-brush, rub down and shot blast whatever I can on the steering, suspension and chassis around it, so that I can then paint it with primer and protective chassis paint. I think by the end of this project, although it will take a while, it should be worth it all. I am really hoping it will resolve the handling and squeaking issues.

Today, I lifted the car and settled the front end on axle stands ready to begin the work, and as usual nothing goes as simply as it should… The brake disc was stuck on, it may well be the original disc, definitely needs replacing (new discs and padsĀ ordered today). After around 4 hours of hard work with me, my dad and my brother, usingĀ Plus-Gas, and a large mallet, we managed to get the disc free. Never have I ever seen a disc that was so welded on to a hub with rust! I don’t think it was a matter of no copper-slip to begin with, I just think it was the original disc.

Either way, the disc is now free, and tomorrow I can begin work on stripping the rest of the suspension finally. I actually have the Steering Damper, Drag Link and Front Shocks (all Bilstein) all ready and waiting. Just need to see what else it needs as I go along!

Watch this space…

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