Simple things…

As many Mercedes enthusiasts will know, the majority of Mercedes cars have bonnets which open up fully, beyond the normal movement range, to step you from hitting your head in the grill etc.

Some have buttons on one of the gas struts and some have levers, usually on the right hand side of the bonnet, but to my dismay I could not find either on the CLK430. But thanks to Liam at Huxley’s MB Specialist in Fleet, he showed me just how it is done on the W208 CLK, so I have recorded a really quick and simple video which may help you if you haven’t done it before.

To the left of the bonnet, right by the hinge you will see a small arm, as shown in the image below. You need to pull the bonnet down slightly and then push that arm backwards, then let the bonnet raise again under its own pressure from the gas struts. Pushing the arm back releases the movement lock and lets you open the bonnet fully. Simple, but useful things hey!

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